Published: 2. August, 2017.

Best Practice Handbook published

The Best Practice Handbook is covering cases from four investigated countries (Croatia, Serbia, Slovakia, UK) and selected EU Member-States (Germany, Denmark, France, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ireland, Netherlands, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece). The cases were selected and described by the EP4A project partners. It was produced as a reference point (benchmark) for formation of Apprenticeship Partnerships in Croatia and Serbia, support to the newly emerging/established structures in Slovakia and the UK, as well as for the design of targeted advocacy and attractiveness campaigns to secure an increased engagement of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in apprentice recruitment in all four countries.

Selected case studies illustrate examples of good practice focusing on successful multi-stakeholder partnership structures/alliances supporting SMEs and attractiveness/motivation approaches and examples. Specific examples of Work-Based Learning implementation were documented in order to promote synergy with and capitalisation on good practices fostered under ongoing Erasmus+ projects in the field of apprenticeships.

The complete document can be found here: