EP4A Workshop and Info-day in Slovakia: Partnerships for the future – How to support reinforcement of dual education through co-operation
Published: 17. May, 2018.

EP4A Workshop and Info-day in Slovakia: Partnerships for the future – How to support reinforcement of dual education through co-operation

A statewide presentation display „Young creator 2018“ was held as a two-day event from 26th to 27th April at the national exhibition ground Agrokomplex Nitra. Its main goal was not only to support the secondary education but also to back the system of dual education by providing equal opportunities to engage both parties – students as well as the employers. This unique fair offered space not only for standard employers but also for small and medium businesses, employers´ and Labour associations.

In the framework of our project „Get involved in EP4A: European partnerships for Apprenticeships”, realized with support from ERASMUS+ programme, we took this opportunity and organized so-called EP4A Info days held throughout the whole fair – our presentation stand provided information about the system of dual education, options of participation and main benefits for those who are willing to engage. We handed out a lot of info-material, mostly the „Guide book for an employer on the system of dual education”, in which we clearly and practically  summarized all information needed for an employer to get engaged in the system of dual education.

The attendance and interest was big and positive, so together with overall positive atmosphere we can only consider the event as redeeming and successful. We believe that our contribution has increased the awareness of such possibilities as well as our assistance being provided to the relevant stakeholders.

As a part of EP4A Info days and the national exhibition we also organized a so-called Follow-Up Workshop: Partnerships for the Future – How to support reinforcement of dual education through co-operation, which took place on 26th April 2018. This workshop was devoted to the introduction of the project „EP4A“ and mainly the dual education system as such including its benefits for employers. We also mentioned some prepared changes in the amendment to the law, which if accepted, would become effective from September 2018.

The workshop was mainly designed for employers, small and medium businesses or self-employers, but also the representatives of the State institute for vocational education took part as well as the representatives of Regional dual point Nitra, employers´ chambers and Profession associations. Such participation created a perfect ground for discussion, with the main topic of evaluating of how the system of the dual education could be more effectively. It was agreed that co-operation as a base for well-functioning partnerships is the key. The output of the discussion as well as the entire workshop will be a proposal of Memorandum of co-operation, which should reinforce team work mainly on a regional platform.

In case of further interest, please contact us on info@rrasenec-pezinok.sk