2nd Information Open Day on Apprenticeship


Wednesday. @ 13:00

Krešimirova 2

The second Information Open Day on apprenticeship will be held in Rijeka, within the European Vocational Skills Week.

At the Information Open Day, the panel discussion will be organised with the representatives of key VET stakeholders (ministries, chambers, VET schools and employers taking apprentices). Also, the apprenticeship exercise simulation through the interview between the master and apprentice will be shown at the stage. The event is scheduled at 1.00 PM. The info point will be availabe at the event, where all interested tradesmen, craftsmen and SMEs representatives will be available to get the information on apprenticeship as well as EP4A project. Employers’ Guide to Apprenticeship will be promoted at the event, since it has been prepared and adapted to the project target group, i.e. trades, crafts and SMEs without or with limited experience in apprenticeship.