Filming apprenticeship ambassadors in Croatia
Published: 19. January, 2018.

Filming apprenticeship ambassadors in Croatia

Besides building partnership between key stakeholders in vocational education, the second main result of the project is to enhance awareness about the benefits of apprenticeship among small and medium enterprises through targeted attractiveness campaign.

With that aim, expert associates for vocational education from regional chambers of trades and crafts conducted interviews with tradesman, craftsman and entrepreneurs and in the basis of these interviews the Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts chose 9 apprenticeship ambassadors to film short educational movies.

Apprenticeship ambassadors are masters occupational teachers who have experience with apprenticeships and their task is to familiarize tradesmen, craftsmen and entrepreneurs who don’t have experience yet. The ambassadors should show by their own example which are the benefits of apprenticeships and why other employers should also get actively involved in vocational education.

Through interviews and films, apprenticeship ambassadors explained their motivation for getting involved in apprenticeships, how they see their role in that process, what they expect from students, which are the benefits etc.

The interviews, as well as the films about ambassadors, will be published on the EP4A website and social media platforms during 2018.



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