Kick-off Meeting, Zagreb, Croatia – 24 and 25/10/2016


Study Visit and 2nd Partners’ Meeting, London, the UK – 27-31/3/2017


Advocacy Training Workshop, Zagreb, Croatia- 17 and 18/5/2017


Advocacy Training Workshop, Kraljevo, Serbia- 30 and 31/5/2017


Apprenticeship Partnership Formation Workshop, Zagreb, Croatia- 5/7/2017


Apprenticeship Partnership Formation Workshop, Čačak, Serbia- 17/8/2017


3rd Project Management Committee Meeting, Bratislava, Slovakia- 18 and 19/9/2017


Follow up Workshop, Zagreb, Croatia- 10/10/2017


Advocacy Training Workshop in Bratislava, Slovakia- 24/10/2017


Information Open Day, Split, Croatia- 25/10/2017

Information Open Day, Rijeka, Croatia- 22/11/2017

Apprenticeship Partnership Formation Workshop, Bratislava, Slovakia- 23/11/2018

Information Open Day, Kraljevo, Serbia- 27/12/2017

Apprenticeship Partnership Formation Round Table, Zagreb, Croatia- 29 January 2018


Information Open Day, London, the UK – 7/3/2018


Study Visit Munich, 12-14/3/2018


4th PMC Meeting, Kraljevo, Serbia- 19-20/3/2018


Apprenticeship Partnership Formation Follow up Workshop, Čačak, Serbia – 2/4/2018



Apprenticeship Partnership Formation Follow up Workshop & Information Open Day, Nitra, Slovakia- 26/4/2018


Round Table and Memorandum signing, Čačak, Serbia – 15/15/2018


Apprenticeship Partnership Meeting, Čačak, Serbia- 31/5/2018


Memorandum of understanding signing, Kraljevo, Serbia – 17/8/2018


Final Conference, Zagreb, Croatia- 12/9/2018


5th PMC Meeting, Zagreb, Croatia- 13-14/9/2018

Apprenticeship Partnership Meeting, Bratislava, Slovakia- 24/9/2018