Monitoring meeting held in Brussels
Published: 21. December, 2017.

Monitoring meeting held in Brussels

On 15 December 2017, the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) organised the Monitoring Meeting for approved projects from the Call for Support for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) engaging in apprenticeships (EACEA/41/2015).

At the beginning of meeting, the policy development in the area of vocational education and training at the European level was presented. Special emphasis was put on the criteria for working and learning conditions such as work/apprenticeship contracts, learning outcomes, pedagogical support, work-based learning, apprenticeship fees/rewards, social protection, work, health and safety conditions, legal framework, support for companies, involvement of social partners, vertical and horizontal pathways and mobility, career guidance and quality assurance and graduate tracking.

It was noted that vocational education and training should become the first choice for students. Also, all projects were briefly presented.

World café group work was organised and three subjects have been discussed:

  1. In which way projects support SMEs?
  2. With what kind of challenges project coordinators face and how do they solve them?
  3. How will be projects results disseminated and used and how the sustainability of the projects will be ensured?

After, presentations on project and financial management were held as well as bi-lateral meeting with EACEA project officers.

The importance of ensuring the project impact on the target group, organisation conducting the project and other relevant organisations was specially emphasized.