Published: 30. April, 2017.

Study Pack from the Study Visit in London

In April 2017, following a highly successful Study Visit hosted by Rinova in London, March 2017 and participated by EP4A partners from Croatia, Slovakia and Serbia, the next step was the launch of an accompanying Study Pack.

Part of Work Package 3 Capacity Building, the EP4A Study Visit involved the delivery of an interactive 5 day knowledge transfer activity, the aim being to expose partner organisations to 3 key Apprenticeship elements:

1.    To understand the workings of Apprenticeship Partnership structures in the UK linking together businesses and their employees with schools and colleges;

2.    Introduction to modern techniques and approaches on lobbying, advocacy, partnership-working, as well as communication with a diverse range of actors in the field of apprenticeships, with particular focus on how to effectively reach out to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with no or some prior experience in offering work-based learning;

3.    Examples of successful cases of apprenticeships programmes steered by Apprenticeship Partnership organisations such as the Education Business Partnership.

Following the Study Visit, partners then returned to their home countries and deliver Advocacy Training workshops to their wider teams and key strategic holders aiming to promote the UK Apprenticeship delivery techniques.

The Study Pack, was designed to provide further information on the UK Apprenticeship sector and to provide supportive guidance following the Study Visit, as well as to provide key information which supported partners’ Advocacy Training Workshops.

The Study Pack, launched in April 2017, can be accessed by visiting the EP4A website –