Published: 14. March, 2017.

Study Visit to London

In the last week of March 2017, the study visit to London will be organised as the part of Work Package 3 – Capacity Building. The aim of work package is to enhance skills and knowledge of employers from partner organisations in Croatia, Slovakia and Serbia in order to support the building and working of apprenticeship partnerships and to enable them to effectively reach out trades and crafts and small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Overall, 19 staff members from Croatia, Slovakia and Serbia will participate in the study visit (vocational education and training experts, project managers, PR staff and help-desk lines personnel)

The aim of the study visit:

  • to expose participants to the workings of exemplar apprenticeship partnership structures linking together businesses and their employees with school,
  • to acquaint participants with modern techniques on lobbying, advocacy, partnership organisation, coordination and communication with different actors in the field of apprenticeship, with particular focus on how to effectively reach out to SMEs with no or some prior experience in offering apprenticeship
  • to carry out site-visits at selected SMEs to acquaint participants on successful cases of apprenticeship programmes steered by the partnerships organisations such as Education Business Partnerships (EBPs) in the UK

Study visit training materials will be translated in national languages to use them on planned national workshops on lobbying/advocacy.